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Exercising the use of vocabulary, grammar and functions as teaching a new language, it is imperative that it is introduced and taught in a balanced manner where the students are able to manage the lessons effectively. In the introduction of Unit 7 it is indicated the importance of a new language that the students need which is the exposure of the language, getting an understanding of it's meaning, understand how to construct sentences and to be able to practice and produce it. The vocabulary is usually a very important factor for the students especially when they are learning the language from a younger age and the mind is more receptive to learning. Even though grammar being most important as explained standing firm like the trunk of a tree it still needs the use of vocabulary to work together to form sentences; in other words none can stand on its own. The ESA technique for vocabulary teaching just like in Unit 3 is a safe and productive method to help students to learn and remember what they are being taught. Engaging the students through pictures, discussions, mime and action to name a few,giving them study exercises like gap fill tasks,crosswords, word search, study from text books, and finally having them being active in class through different methods such as role play, story building, simulation. After introducing new vocabularies to the students it is also very important to have them learn the grammatical structures of these words, the use of the words how and when they are used. The meaning the words take on,the form and pattern of the language which is the difference from how it can be written to how it is most often said.