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This final unit deals with some of the various problems an ESL teacher may face in the classroom.The first issue mentioned was the first class Whether you are working with a new group or an existing group, the first class can be a challenge as the teacher will need to assess the different levels and needs of those in the class, as well as begin to build some rapport with the students. The second issue covered was warmers. These are activities that should be done in the engage phase of an ESA lesson to get the students warmed up and excited to start thinking and speaking in English. This unit then addresses the issue of having students of different levels in the same class. It mentions that if the school has an effective placement test, this should not be so much of a problem, but teachers may still encounter it. It may also happen that a gap in student levels will open during the course of the class, with the stronger students pulling ahead of weaker ones. This unit gives a few strategies to deal with this issue, including giving each group different materials on the same topic, giving them the same materials but activities more suited to their level, or pairing off the stronger students with the weaker ones. Then this unit mentions some strategies for dealing with large class sizes, including plenty of group/pairwork, using worksheets, and having group leaders to help better manage the class. Next this unit discussed use of native language and reluctant students, and some strategies to help deal with these issues at different levels. Finally, this unit mentions difficulty with listening activities as a difficulty that teachers often face, and suggests some ways of coping with that.