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Unlike the previous units, which present knowledge in the form of readings that must be comprehended and memorized to some extent, this unit presents video demonstrations, which give us a glimpse at both ineffective and effective lessons. These videos build on the readings as they incorporate previous topics, such as teaching and learning methods, including the ESA method and elicitation. The two videos together make the difference between an effective lesson and an ineffective lesson very clear, and watching the videos in the recommended order (ineffective first, effective second) serves to highlight the effective changes we see in the second lesson and how we, as ESL teachers, can be aware of possible errors that we might make in our lessons and solutions to those errors. For example, in the first lesson, the teacher is disorganized, disengaged and unclear in the directions he gives to students. In the second lesson, however, he seamlessly guides the students by speaking slowly and lucidly and by giving articulate, and easy to understand instructions. The changes in the teacher's method of delivery and in his attitude make a huge difference in the classroom, as we see the students appear more confident and ready in the second lesson than in the first. I think the most important thing I learned from this lesson is the importance of self-awareness in the classroom when teaching. As a classroom teacher, my students will always be looking to me for guidance. If I appear disengaged or confused, then the students will lack confidence in me and in themselves. These videos remind us of the importance of small things, such as body language, gestures, mannerisms and level of preparedness when teaching a new lesson.