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Unit 9 focused on all the different parts of lesson planning. Learning how to plan clear and interesting lessons for students of all different language levels is one of the most important jobs of a teacher. Lesson plans help teachers stay on track and gives them something to refer to during the lesson. They act as records so teachers know what they've done and what materials have been used before. Lesson plans should be kept simple, one does not want to write down word for word what they are going to do or say because it is critical to be flexible and open to adaptation. It is important to check for a balance of skills and make sure the activities fit together so the lesson flows smoothly. Lesson plans should include the learner objectives, personal aims of the teacher, the anticipated time for each activity, the language point, materials that will be used, anticipated problems for the students and teacher and solutions to those problems, the procedure, the different phases (engage, study and activate), and who will be interacting at each stage of the lesson. Lastly each lesson plan should say the class level, number of students and the date and time of the lesson. This chapter was extremely informative and will be very helpful to me when I prepare my own lesson plans in the future. Unit 9 provided a detailed example of an effective and interesting lesson plan and also provided a self evaluation form which helps teachers make note of what went well during a lesson and what needed improvement. I like that this course has given several lesson plan examples. This is great practice for me because I can base my own lesson plans on these examples but still be creative. I think lesson planning can be a little tricky because it is hard to know what will or won't work or how long activities or worksheets will take but I'm sure with time and practice, I will learn. Unit 9 has given me the tools to make my own successful lesson plans.