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The eleventh unit focused on receptive skills, listening and reading, which can be categorized into for enjoyable entertainment or a purpose. There are 5 ways we read and listen: predictive skills, specific information, general idea, detailed information, and deduction from context. As a marine biologist, I initially use my predictive skills and assess the scientific paper on it's title. Then if the subject matter is pertinent then I skim and read over it for the general gist or deduce from the context. If I am trying to replicate the study and only need information from the methods section, then I would scan and only look at one section but not the whole article. If this paper is integral to my research paper then I carefully read it to obtain all the details. I use all 5 types of reading styles for different scenarios depending on what my end goal is. Pre teaching complex vocabulary so that the students are able to encounter the word and understand the context allows them to keep their confidence. In my community literacy class in college, we were taught if our student didn't know a word, we should cover it up, reread the sentence and have them try to figure out what the word means using context teaching them that it's okay if they do not know a word. The topics should be applicable to the students e.g. as a teacher, I would not plan a lesson around female princesses that are going through female puberty to a class of all male five year olds. While they may enjoy princess stories they are too young for detailed puberty information and they are all males so while it may help them to understand what their sisters or friends will go through it's not pertinent information thus they will not be interested.