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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

This unit showed two different classes teaching the same lesson but with different results. It shows how important the teacher's attitude and preparedness is to a successful lesson. The first lesson showed a teacher that wanted to get a specific answer from the students and grew annoyed when he wasn't able to get it. He used language that might have been too complicated for the students, such as 'regulation' when talking about rules and things you can and can't do. His activities were sound in theory but fell apart in execution. While the students struggled with the worksheet the teacher was busy on his phone or at the desk. Even when he saw that a student didn't do any of the questions he didn't address the situation. The game at the end became confusing as the rules were not explained and the teacher failed to keep track of the points of the game. Once the game became too much for him to control, he ended it and simply walked out of the class. A big thing I noticed in this class was that the teacher said 'that's wrong' a lot. That kind of language can really turn off a student and make him or her uncomfortable sharing again. The second class was much more organized and interesting. While the first class was 25 minutes it seemed longer than that. The second class was much easier to watch and felt much shorter than it's 40 min run time. The teacher was able to keep his own language to the level of the lesson so that each student was able to understand and participate. Even when the students said a strange answer, such as 'I can play volleyball in the restaurant.' the teacher laughed and went along with it. He never put students down or became frustrated. He allowed his students to say what they wanted without fear of embarrassment. It's very important to make your students understand that the class is a safe place to practice. If the teacher throws out too many 'that's wrong' or 'that's incorrect' phrases, then the students will be too shy and intimidated to speak up. The teach also took the time to introduce himself and learn all his students names before beginning the class. This unit did a great job in showing how important a teacher's attitude is to a class. Even the simple act of smiling and laughing goes a long way in creating a happy and productive environment for learning.