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The parts of speech in English grammar are like the basic building blocks of the language. Every word in a sentence has a specific function. Some of the basic parts of speech are as follows. Nouns name a person ("Susan"), place ("school"), object ("ball"), or concept ("honesty"). Verbs show an action or state of being. ("Joseph *jumped* onto the bus." "I *am* sick today.") Verbs may also be used as other parts of speech, as in the case of a gerund, an "-ing" verb used as a noun. ("*Sleeping* is my favorite activity.") Adjectives describe or modify nouns ("the *hilarious* comedian"). Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs to show frequency, time, manner, place, or degree. ("Jackie is *quite* energetic today.") Pronouns take the place of nouns. ("*She* is quite energetic today.") Prepositions connect words in a sentence to indicate time, position, or movement. ("Wrap the cord *around* the vacuum cleaner.") Conjunctions connect equal parts of speech or whole sentences in a meaningful way. ("Please choose white milk *or* chocolate milk with your meal.") Finally, articles are specific modifiers that signal the use of a noun. ("I need *a* crayon. Please hand me *the* blue crayon.") Of course there are specific rules regarding word use, word order, and spelling for the use of each part of speech in English.