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Unit 17 considers teaching process with help of equipment and technic aids. Different schools, of course, have different resources available to teachers. 1) The board - All classrooms should have a board of some kind, orflipchart. Itis importantfor all boardwork to be planned and organised. Boards can be used for many things; writing, drawing, sticking things on, projecting overhead transparencies etc. Interactive whiteboards - often referred to as IWBs or smart boards, are increasingly being used in both state funded and private classrooms world-wide. Overhead projector (OHP) - is very helpful aid for teacher. Teachers can plan and prepare their material sheets in advance, teachers spend less time with their back to the class and they help to focus student attention. Visual aids - can be used in the classroom, but the most common are real objects, pictures and photos. Worksheets and work cards - these can be bought from a publisher, or made by the teacher. The cassette recorder - outdated aid, which was used about 10 years ago and now is not used in modern schools. In the past, cassettes have accompanied many course books and blank cassettes can be used to record authentic materials, record the students' communication, or for teachers to make their own dialogues for use in the classroom. CD players - also is oudated stuff for classes Videos and DVDs - they are also outdated, but in former times was of great value for conducting lessons. Videos could be used for many things; presenting information, giving background to a topic, various forms of dialogues and interactions, building listening comprehension skills etc Video camera - One of their major uses is to record the students during an activity, and then play it back to them for analysis and discussion. The camera can also be used by the students to record a film as part of an activity or project. They may wish to record their own news broadcast, play, soap opera episode etc. They might also want to take the camera onto the streets to record interviews as part of a survey. Dictionaries - Whether a dictionary is in book or computer form, it is probably the single most useful tool available to students. A good dictionary will not only help students look up meaning, pronunciation and usage, but should also help students produce language