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This unit covers the Modal Auxiliary Verbs , Active and Passive voices and Phrasal verbs. There are 9 true Modals,May, Might, Can, Could, Must,Should, Would, Will and Shall. They are used to indicate, ability, advice, permission , offer, prediction, requests etc. TO convert an active voice to a passive voice, the object of active verbs changes into subject of passive verb. Tenses change their forms when converted into passive voice. Relative clauses are of 2 types , defining and non-defining. Phrasal verbs are 3 main types, Intransitive, Transitive separable, and Transitive inseparable. I learnt tips and ideas for teaching these topics and understood that these topics are difficult for students to understand and learn so these must be actively and naturally used by the teacher in class so that they come naturally to the students too.