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This unit of troubleshooting do helps a lot! Identifying and list out many of the possible troubles and problems we may meet as a English Teacher is great, and it helps us to prepare for possible scen
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Unit 12 was another really interesting module. It was interesting to learn that writing skills are often neglected and to learn abut techniques that can be used to inspire students to focus on this el
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I found unit 13 to be particularly challenging. This was the first time I have come into contact with phonetics and I found it difficult to interpret the symbols. That said, the value of using phoneti
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It was interesting to learn about the importance of selecting the right coursebooks and materials for the right classes / students. There are obviously a whole range of materials that can be used but
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The in-depth explanations of the three main ways to assess students language levels (Tutorials, Evaluation by students & tests) were really interesting. It is clear that the method of assessment and f
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Another really interesting module. The mixture of teaching ideas provided were really useful in showing how to put what I had learnt into practice in a classroom environment. It took a while to get my
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Another very interesting unit. Teachers now have a much larger range of equipment and teaching aids to choose from. New teachers obviously need to think carefully about which aids will be most benefic
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Another very informative unit that brought in a number of topics I had learnt in previous modules. English grammar can clearly be a difficult topic for students to fully grasp. It can also be a partic
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Different forms of teaching clearly need slightly different skills. Having studied this module, I can see why some teachers are nervous about teaching beginners. I can also see how this can be one of
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This was a great little module to finish the course. It was really interesting to learn about some of the most common problem situations and techniques that a teacher can use to help. I am sure class-
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The unit Teaching Productive Skills is very useful as it gives a clear and concise explanation about writing and speaking skills students should acquire. Also, the accuracy and fluency activities are
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The unit Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology was very instructive. It was also very interesting to learn phonetics. Pronunciation can be very tricky sometimes and this unit gives good methodology of
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This unit Coursebooks and lesson materials is very instructive as it gives a good explanation to future teachers about the importance of lesson materials, what to use and when.The advantages and disad
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This unit Evaluation and Testing is very important for us future teachers as evaluation and testing will help us to assess our students. In this unit, different ways of evaluating and testing students
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This unit conditionals and reported speech was very instructive and interesting. To have the tenses right is the key to communication and understanding in the English language, therefore this unit hel
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The unit Equipments and Teaching Aids is very useful as it explains how students and teacher can use different resources in the classroom.The unit also shows the advantages of using materials and tech
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This unit Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice was very useful. The Unit 18 covers a large amount of the English grammar. This unit gives a clear information about how useful Modal verbs are in the
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The unit Teaching Special Groups is a very important one. It puts in place different situations that we may encounter in the classroom. In order to give clear and concise explanations to students, thi
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In this final unit we go through different problems teachers might have in their classroom. The unit explains how to deal with specific groups, large groups and reluctant students. It also teaches us
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This unit generally talks about teaching productive skills which are speaking and writing, it also includes games, we tend to understand in this unit that communication is very important in English an
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This unit is a sensitive topic and very key to know when teaching English language to learners, Pronunciation and Phonology is what we learnt in this unit, looking at intonation, stressing on word, th
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This unit I see very brief and precise as it talks about the course books and lessons material needed in teaching English language therefore it is very vital. We learnt that the are two materials invo
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This unit generally explains about evaluating and testing of students performance and how they couping with the language in order for the teacher to know how to tailor his or her syllables. There are
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This unit is very sensitive and need to carefully examine because most learners get themselves confused when it comes to conditionals and reported speech,there are mainly five types of conditionals th
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In this unit we dealt with equipment and teaching aids which are the teaching equipment, we came to the realization that these teaching equipment forms an integral aspect when teaching English langua
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Port Harcourt
This unit made us to know modals,phrasal verbs and Passive voice very well , we understood that modals auxiliary verbs and its basic rules and the various forms it has like, can, might, should, could,
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This unit talk about teaching special groups and the type of classes, we learnt that there are different type of teaching beginners, the absolute, the false , the adult, and the young learners. The me
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