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This unit was based specifically on the materials necessary for teachers which are crucial for the correct teaching of the English language. It is very important for the teacher to know exactly which
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This unit has beautifully and thoroughly explained the nature and assessment aims of each exam, and most importantly which exam is best suited for the correct assessment of each stage of learning. The
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This unit is focused on two main grammar subjects that are very important in the process of learning the English language, the conditional forms and the reported speech. This unit explains thouroughly
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This unit gave a thorough understanding of the different types of equipment that are commonly used in the classroom by teachers teaching a foreign language. Apart from naming all of the different type
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This unit was focused on some more important grammar subjects, such as the active and passive voice, as well as the modal auxiliary verbs and phrasal verbs. The first section of the unit was explainin
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The unit covers the diffrent types of language teaching, such as teaching the english language to young learners, or teaching business english to the employees of different corporations, as well as te
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The final unit was primarily concerned with difficulties teachers will probably face at some point in their carreer. This unit was again very helpful in addressing all the problem situations teachers
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In this unit, I have learned about Reflective skills (Reading and writing). What reflective skills are and how they are both very important skills for learners and teachers. The difference between re
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This unit has consolidated My teaching skills and how to apply these skills to a Productive Skills (Reading and Writing) Lesson. What productive skills are and how they are both very important skills
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This unit has covered pronunciation and phonology. Pronunciation is considered to be the most neglected skill in the aspect of the English language teaching. It is often difficult to teach methodicall
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In unit 14 I have learned what are Authentic materials are and what are created materials have learned what the advantages and disadvantages of the use of these both these types of materials within th
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In this unit, I have learned about the various assessment and other teaching aid to asses a students skills in English prior to enrolment to assess the students entry-level ability and how these tool
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Unit 1 provides a great overview of what the roles and responsibilities of the teacher and students are. I think that the content of this unit also serves very well as a little self-assessment since i
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I found this unit very helpful because it covers various teaching methods, some of which I have not been aware of previously such as for example 'The silent way'. Also, it's great to understand the di
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This unit focuses on phonetics and how to teach pronunciation. The IPA is a good tool to help students and teachers communicate and learn to pronounce the correct words. Drilling can be a very useful
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This unit covered information concerning aspects of teachers and learners and the delicate and intricate relationship between them. It began by explaining different roles of a teacher. The position of
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This section talks about methods to evaluate and test students, including: placement tests at the beginning of the year to put students into the correct level, progress tests to see if the students ar
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This unit discussed conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are the 'what ifs' of language, possible but unlikely outcomes. The zero conditional is present tense (when/if) plus present tense: W
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