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Phonology classifies the physical properties of sounds. Correct pronunciation is achieved by analyzing stress, intonation, and rhythm in phonology. Stress includes variation in individual words. One word cannot have two stresses. There can be a secondary stress in the sentence but it is usually smaller/ less pronounced than the main stressed word. Only syllables can be stressed, not individual vowels or consonants. There are also differences in stress between English speakers due to regional dialects. Auxiliary verbs are not usually stressed (be, have, do). Articles are not usually stressed. How to teach stress: Contrastive stress, gesture, choral work, writing on the board/ underlining, stress marks. Sound joining: linking, sound dropping, sound changing, extra lettering. Place of Articulation: bilabial, labio-dental, dental, alveolar, palatal-alveolar, palatal, velar, glottal. Manner of Articulation: plosive, fricative, nasal, lateral, affricate, approximant. How to teach pronunciation of individual sounds: peer dictation, over emphasize, visuals, phonemes symbols, tongue twisters. Intonation: variation in volume and pitch in a sentence, carries the message (example, questioning, agreeing/disagreeing), expresses emotions and feelings, rises and falls, (sometimes denoted through arrows in a sentence, good way to gage what comes next in a conversation How to teach intonation: 1) use nonsense words with dramatic gestures/ attitude, possibly using theatrical tactics or games, 2) use gestures, go the general direction of the rise or fall with your hand, 3) humming or singing, 4)write arrows on the board with the words Teachers should learn to use the International Phonetic Alphabet to better assist their students.