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Ubit 15 talks about evaluating and testing students. From this part of the course I can learn more about ways to assess a student language levels such as: tutorials, evaluations by the students and te
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From unit 16 I have learned many important information about conditionals and reported speech. I know know how to introduce this subject to my future students and what to pay attention to. From this
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From unit 17 I learned many useful things that I can use in my class. I got a wide source of materials awailable online that I can search and choose to use in my class. I learned about equipment and t
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From unit 18 I have learned more about modals, parasail verbs and passive voice. I have gained more knowledge about English grammar as well as some ideas how to introduce it to my future students. I h
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From unit 19 I have learned many important information regarding teaching special groups. I know more about teaching beginners, how to grip them, what kind of methodology and techniques to use. I am m
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