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In unit 8 we learnt about Productive skills. These are speaking and writing. Students need to be able to speak the language well to develop fluency. Using activities in the class helps to develop voca
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The two videos show respectively an example of a poorly conducted lesson and one of a good class. I learned how the teacher's attitude, voice, and manners have a deep impact on the student's mood and
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In this unit, I learned which are the four basic skills in any language, focusing only on the two receptive skills, why they are important, which functions they have, how we read and listen according
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This unit is focused solely on productive skills. I learned the difference between accuracy and fluency and their role in different activities (controlled, guided and, creative communication). Moreove
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In this unit, I learned the definitions of phonology, intonation, and stress, types of intonations and stress and ways to teach them. Moreover, I learned the phonetic alphabet with its phonetic symbol
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I learned the differences between authentic and non-authentic material, in which contests it is better to use them according to students' level of English and which topics and grammatical structures t
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In this unit, I learned why it is important to evaluate students' English level, how to assess it and how to monitor students' progress throughout an English course. Now I know the differences between
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Gold Coast
This unit was a revision of my knowledge regarding the five main conditionals forms. Subsequently, I approached again the differences between reported and direct speech. I clarified the right verbs te
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In this unit, I learned all the kinds of teaching aids that can help teachers to make their lessons more stimulating and interesting. I realized which are the advantages and disadvantages of each tool
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Thanks to this unit I revised my knowledge regarding modal auxiliary verbs and their grammatical structures and tense forms, and how they are used to change the formality and the general meaning of th
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In this unit, I learned which are the best methodologies and approaches in teaching English to different groups of people. Starting with beginners, both adults, and younger learners, I became more awa
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I feel I have learned how to start effectively with a new class of students. The ideas of ice-breakers activities are pretty useful, but I expected more original ideas. It is important to considerate
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In this section, I have looked at the type of materials I would be using in a classroom. Whether I would choose one particular method or if I would use authentic materials or created materials. I thin
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Sunshine Coast
Unit 9 talk bout very mportant topic - lesson planning. From this unit I can get more knowledge about planning lessons. It shows us, why it is important to plan in advance. It provides all important i
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This Unit teaches us about lessons. It gives one example of a class that has been done in very confusing way and one example of a class that has been done in a very effective way. We can exactly see h
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Unit 11 talks about reading and listening. From this unit I can learn more about rceptive skills. I can learn about reasons and motives for listening and reading. People can do it for entertaiment or
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From unit 12 I have learned many important information about teaching productive skills. Productive skills can be devided to speaking and writing. Unit focuses on showing how important is to choose t
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Wagh Wagh
Unit 13 talks about how to tech pronunciation and phonology. I my opinion it is a very imortnant part of teaching English. From this unit I have learned more about Phonology that it is the study, scie
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Unit 14 taalks about coursebooks and lesson material. From this unit I can learn ho to choose a right book and what kind of materials should I use during my class. It is important to use my own materi
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