Teaching English Abroad – Support Services

From your initial decision of which course is best suited to you through to deciding what to do when you have earned your certificate, ITTT’s support service is available for all your TESOL related queries.

Our replies will be accurate and honest with regards to our courses and your personal needs. We endeavor to answer all questions as quickly and efficiently as possible, which may often be within the hour.

Support Services for Overseas English Training

Here at ITTT, we are committed to making your steps into the TESOL world as easy as possible. We will provide you with essential advice, lesson plans and teaching tools wherever you are in the world. Our support service is not limited to the time you take completing our courses, as we are available throughout your TESOL career. We can be contacted nearly any time of the day and week and we will always reply in a timely fashion.

We have been there before and understand that your journey into the TESOL field can be an intimidating one. No matter what experience or qualifications you have, ITTT will always be your closest friend in the TESOL world, regardless of your location in the world.