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If you decide to complete your TESOL certification course online you don’t need to worry that you are compromising on the theory of ESL teaching as our courses cover all of the most vital subjects you will need to be familiar with. The 120-hour TESOL course is our most popular online course option and it includes 20 in-depth units that walk you through all the main subjects that are necessary if you want to enter the classroom on your first day feeling confident in your teaching knowledge. A large part of the materials look into English grammar subjects and how you can teach them effectively. Within this part of the course you will study topics such as the tense system, conditionals, modals, passive voice and much more. Initially you might feel a little wary of these subjects, but with the help of our clear and informative materials you should soon get a solid grasp on them.

Although English grammar subjects take up a large percentage of the course, the materials also provide extensive coverage of classroom management issues. Wherever you happen to be in the world and whoever you happen to be teaching, if you are unfamiliar with the basics of organising and controlling a classroom your life could be much tougher than it needs to be. The course also includes several other very important areas of study, such as teaching methodologies, how to use classroom materials effectively, the use of technology in the classroom, and how to test and evaluate your students.

Looking for a TESOL Recruitment Program?

TESOL recruitment programs are a very convenient way to secure a teaching job overseas before you actually have to leave home. These schemes are generally government-run programs that are very well organized and they usually take care of all the paperwork and hassle that comes with starting a new job outside your home country.

One of the biggest and most popular schemes is the EPIK program in South Korea. For more details, read through our FAQ: What is the EPIK program for teaching English in South Korea?

Another popular placement program in Asia is the JET program in Japan. For more details, read through our FAQ: What is the JET program for teaching English in Japan?

If you would prefer to live and work in Europe there are also a few good options, including programs in France and Spain. For more details, read through our FAQ: What is the TAPIF program for teaching English in France? And: What is the Cultural Ambassadors program for teaching English in Spain?

Want to Learn Spanish While Teaching English Abroad?

For some people the opportunity to learn a foreign language is one of the great benefits of teaching English abroad. One of the most popular second languages to learn is Spanish and there are several great places you can go to if you want to brush up on your Spanish while teaching ESL. For a look at some of the most common choices, check out our FAQ: Which are the best Spanish speaking countries for teaching English abroad?

While you are on our FAQ Page you can also browse through over 200 other questions that are commonly asked by our trainees. You should find all the answers you need in straightforward and easy to understand English. Whatever questions you have regarding teaching English at home or abroad, ITTT has the answers to help you move forward.

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