How to Pronounce 'TENET' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word tenet. This word refers mainly to princibles of a religion or philosophy. Some synonyms for tenet can include principle, belief or doctrine. The word comes from the Latin word tenere meaning ‘he holds’.

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This unit contains the principles of managing classes which include eye contact, gesture and the voice, grouping students, classroom arrangement, writing on the board, giving individual attention, Teaching Talking Time (TTT) and Student Talking Time (STT), giving instructions, establishing rapport and maintaining discipline. The unit is logically ordered. The information in it is described in detail. As to first part ? eye contact, gesture and the voice ? the main idea here for the teacher is to establish good rapport with the students thanks to appropriate eye contact, gesture and the voice. So, there should be balance in eye contact. The teacher should avoid looking at the students when they are working in pairs/groups, but establish eye contact in many other situations keeping in mind that never looking students can end in having problems with discipline. Right grouping student can also guarantee that the lesson will go smoothly. The unit gives pros and cons of each kind of grouping student. And it?s up to the teacher which one is more suitable. Mostly the option depends on the activity the teacher applies. In classroom arrangement they show the extreme importance of the position of the teacher and the students, the student and the student, and even how it?s better to organize rows and tables? position. Writing on the board is the next stage of the unit, not less important than the previous ones, because there is advice given here how to manage not to turn back to the students or minimize this. As to giving individual attention it?s extremely important to keep balance between paying closer attention to strong students whose names you remember well and ignoring weak ones whose names you don?t remember. In TTT and STT you should remember that each ESL lesson is student-centered, and the teacher should try to keep TTT to minimal levels, and necessary tips how to avoid excessive TTT are given here. Giving instructions part is perhaps the mainstay of completing any activity successfully as right teacher?s guidance conduces student?s understanding and as a result successful completing a task. Establishing rapport stage is so-called summation of all the learnt information before out of different parts of the unit. And in the last stage they analyze how to maintain discipline. There are necessary factors, reasons for bad behavior, ways of solving the problems and teacher?s responding to bad student?s bahaviour.