How to Pronounce 'RATIONALE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word rationale. This word is used as a noun and describes the reasons or the logical explanation for an action or a certain belief. Some synonyms for rationale include reasoning, thinking and logic. The word rationale comes from the modern Latin word rationalis meaning ‘endowed with reason’.

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FIRST LESSONS Use activities that will: ? Establish rapport b/w the students ? Establish rapport b/w the teacher + the class ? Find out about the students? English needs ? Find out the English level of each individual Activities to use for these purposes: ? Questionnaire/survey ? students interview each other then feedback to the clas.
Teacher should monitor ? ?Tell us about? boardgame (Friederike Klippell) ? Pass the ball ? tossing the ball to students + asking them questions ? student tosses to other + asks question ? Needs analysis ? for individual/business students WARMERS Short, fun, communicative activities designed to get students motivated + using English (especially useful if they can be linked to the Study phase) ? Hangman ? Pictionary ? Tongue-twisters ? Memory games Also view the following pages for more ideas: ? https://teflgee.
net/2011/07/10/first-lesson-ideas-warmers/ ? http://busyteache.
html DIFFERENT LEVELS Some students learn faster than others, gaps can start to appea.
There are a number of ways a teacher can deal w/ this: ? Use different material.
If abilities vary the teacher may split the students into groups appropriate to their level ? Same material, different task.
Giving stronger students longer, more complicated tasks ? Pair strong students w/ weak one.
They can help explain + clarify things ? don?t let them dominate however LARGE CLASSES ? Use worksheets ? rather than going through activities ? Pair/group work ? clear instructions are vital ? Clarity ? ensure voice + board work is visible/ audible ? Choral repletion ? gets all involved ? Appoint group leaders ? makes classroom management easie.
Used to hand out copies, collect work, control group USE OF NATIVE LANGUAGE ? Ensure activities are at an appropriate level + students have the necessary language to cope ? Ensure explanations are clear to all ? Encourage English use ? Respond only to Englis.
Students should get used to expressing thoughts/ ideas in English ? Remind them RELUCTANT STUDENTS ? Use plenty of pair work ? Use controlled practice ? before expecting fluency ? Use role-play ? more comfortable when acting as someone else

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