How to Pronounce 'PSYCHOLOGY' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word psychology. This word is used as a noun and describes the science of mind and behavior of a person or animal. The word was created by combining the Greek word psych? (meaning life or soul) with –logia, from the Greek logos, meaning reason.

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CONDITIONALS Sentences with ?if? (or ?when?) that refer to past/present/future possibilitie.
? The ?if? clause The condition that must be satisfied before the action/state in the main clause can be realised ? The main clause Expressing the consequence ? ZERO CONDITIONAL if/ when + present tense, present tense .
when you freeze water, you get ice - actions/ facts that are irrefutable Usages: scientific facts, general truths, issues/situations that are certain to happen ? FIRST CONDITIONAL if + present simple, will (or modal verbs: may/might/can/could et.
) .
if he studies hard he will pass the exam - real situations in the future that are possible/certain once the condition has been satisfied Usages: promises, threats, back-up plans, likely results of future situations ? SECOND CONDITIONAL If + past simple, would/could/might + base form .
if I had a time machine, I could meet Cleopatra present or future ?unreal? situation that?s presently not true + unlikely ever to be true Usages: dreams, fantasies, hypothetical situations ? THIRD CONDITIONAL If + past perfect, would/could/might + have + past participle .
if I had practiced, I would have passed - hypothetical past action + past consequenc.
Condition could never have been satisfied so consequence is impossible Usages: regrets, excuses ? MIXED CONDITIONAL If + past perfect, would + base form .
if I had listened to him, I would be in serious trouble - 2nd conditional with 3rd conditiona.
Hypothetical past action/state + hypothetical present consequence REPORTED SPEECH Statements .
Direct: I speak English Reported: he said he spoke English When transforming statements, check whether you have to change ? Pronouns ? Present tense verbs ? Place + time expressions ? Tenses Questions .
Direct: Do you speak English? Reported: He asked whether I spoke English When transforming questions, check whether you have to change ? Pronouns ? Present tense verbs ? Place + time expressions ? Tenses ? Use the interrogative ?if? or ?whether? ? Transform the question into an indirect question Requests/commands .
Direct: Carol, speak English Reported: He told Carol to speak English When transforming requests/commands, check whether you have to change: ? Pronouns ? Place + time expressions ? Add infinitive form .
speak ? to speak

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