How to Pronounce 'MUGWUMP' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word mugwump. This word is a noun and refers to a person who remains independent, especially from politc parties. This word comes from the Algonquian native peoples in Canada. It has been used in English since the 19th century.

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Teaching a foreign language goes in tandem with the utilization of a variety of useful teaching equipment and aid.
There are a plenty of complementary aids that assist the process of teaching throughout the cours.
These teaching supplementary tools include board, interactive Whiteboards (IWBs), overhead projector (OHP), visual aids, dictionaries and other related equipmen.
Board is a key material in the classroom enabling teachers to use it for multifunctional factor.
Teachers are compelled to write on the board in a legible and organized manner for more clarify and understandin.
Nowadays, the use of interactive whiteboards has become slightly feasible and common, especially in well-developed countrie.
It is noteworthy for teachers who have accessibility to IWBs to consider the following criteri.
Teachers are allowed to do a prior-testing, have a back-up plan, and be fully traine.
Alternatively, overhead projector, as an advanced technology, is also a useful tool for teachers to utilize during cours.
Despite its cons, it is of paramount beneficiary for it is quicker, less time-consuming and attractive for student.
Overhead projector sustains a complementary relationship between teacher and student for the lesson to become more interactive, vivid and interestin.
In addition to this, visual aids are also considered effective tool to display during the lesson for multiple function.
Visual aids, such as pictures, realia, map, et.
, aim to increase students talk time, interest and motivatio.
Regarding auditory and visual materials, it is helpful for teachers to utilize cassette recorder, CD player, videos and DVD.
The latter make the atmosphere of lesson sound more interesting and stimulating for students? participation and engagement simultaneousl.
In the same line of thought, worksheets and work cards are viewed as essential materials that ought to be used more often during lesso.
Accordingly, worksheets and work cards aid students to concentrate and assimilate the lesson intelligibly, let it be related to grammar points or vocabular.
Other inevitable tools used by teachers contain the utilization of dictionaries, course books and resource book.
The aforementioned equipment adds full thoroughness and completion of the lesso.
All in all, for an efficient lesson, teachers must diversify their lesson using the above teaching aids and equipmen.

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