How to Pronounce 'GIBE'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word gibe. This word can be used as a noun and as a verb. Used as a noun, it describes a taunting remark and when used as a verb it refers to the action of making a taunting or insulting remark. Synonyms for gibe are taunt, sneer and insult.

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ESA demonstration videos are valuable and effective for a real-life teaching class sample. The two displayed videos are proven to be contractive in terms of several criteria. Accordingly, these standards range from students? participation, teacher?s teaching methods, instruction and explanation, to the attitude of teacher to students and vice versa. In the first lesson, the smoothness and effectiveness of overall lesson is deemed to be low and unsuccessful. The ineffectiveness refers to a multitude of errors used by the teacher. One of the main errors is based on the teacher?s non-full preparation of the lesson in an effectively comprehensive manner. More precisely, the engage phase activity lacks the use of mime, realia, pictures and the like, for more involvement and motivation of the students towards the teacher/lesson. In addition to this, the teacher?s scowl face attitude throughout the lesson affects the participation and comfort of the students. Another error lies on the teacher?s use of jargon that increased the confusion and misunderstanding of the students. In effects, the teacher?s unpleasant attitude, misleading explanation, ineffective instruction and teaching methods trigger off confusion and, thus, lack of participation. By contrast, in the second lesson, the teacher?s well-preparation and management of the classroom increases the flexibility of the students. Unlike the former lesson, the next lesson provides a big deal of comfortable, flexible and smooth atmosphere that raise students? participation. In the second lesson, the teacher effectively involves students? attention by means of a well-planned engage phase activity. The positive attitude of the teacher ultimately influences students? feedback and participation. At this level, students? are able to respond to the teacher without any discomfort and/or reluctance. Thanks to the appropriate instruction and explanation of the language point provided in the lesson, the students seem to clearly understand the structure, form and practical usage of involved grammar point. Therefore, the attitude, methods, explanation and management seen in the second video made the lesson effectively convenient and appealing. In my viewpoint, the two lessons will have great influence on my teaching style. I have learnt to avoid common errors and plan for the lesson so that students feel involved and active. Above all, I have benefited from the way ESA teaching methods could be fused in a practically concrete manner.