Conditionals and Reported Speech - Reported Speech Teaching Ideas


This video presents a teaching idea for reported speech. The activity includes having the students walk around the classroom asking other students for various bits of information. At the end of the activity, the students will report back the answers in reported speech.

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In class management you must be able to inspire confidence, be flexible and change his/her role according to the activity and situation without being dominant or leaving the students uncertai.
Classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the class having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining disciplin.
Eye contact can convey message.
A teacher who never looks students in the eyes can appear to lack confidenc.
Staring is not very productive eithe.
It is effective to convert meaning of language, manage the class, add visual interest, increase pace of lesson, and reduce need for verbal explanatio.
EXAMPLES: Listen - put hand behind ea.
Repeat in chorus - hand wave for all to repea.
get into pairs - two fingers together, stop: stop sign hand signa.
good- thumbs up? mayb.
. not right: thumbs dow.
Nearly right- shaky han.
unusual idea: both arms upside dow.
Identifying a student- head no.
Grouping students - factors - class size and classroom furniture can be problemati.
Activities geared to the whole class, students working alone, pairs and larger groups are all appropriate and each has its own place in classroo.
Teacher talking time and student talking time is the balance between TTT and STT largely depends on the type of lesson/activity, and on the level of the student.
In the classroom the teacher will speak more when: presenting, checking, modeling, clarifying, providing language input, giving instructions, setting up activities, or establishing rappor.
Maintaining Discipline is to the degree upon a large number of factors: age of students, reasons for learning, do the students want to be there? class size, principles and atmosphere of school, respect between students and teache.
Help stop problems - if you are punctual, well prepared, consistent and fair, do not let personal feelings influence your treatment of students, never make threats, return homework promptly, never lose your temper, show them same respect for your students as you expect from them, make your lessons interesting and varied, enthusiastic about teaching, establish rapport with the student.

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