English Grammar - Past Perfect - Teaching Ideas 2 - Online TESOL Course


http://www.teflcourse.net In this online TESOL course video we will look at a useful teaching idea for the past perfect tense. Students are given statements written in the past simple and will have to complete the statement with sentences in the past perfect. Each statement would have been cut out before the class and distributed to pairs or small groups. The student will turn over their card, read out the statement then complete it with their own past perfect sentence. For example: I didn't do my homework ... because I hadn't brought my book home. Teaching ideas such as this become an important part of an English teacher's resources, enabling them to create interesting plans when required. To learn more about this tense and others consider taking one of ITTT's online TESOL courses. Follow the link above for more information. /// Are you ready to live and teach abroad? Click here and get started today: https://www.teflcourse.net/?cu=YTDESCRIPTION

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Conditionals are a very tricky part of English grammar after tense.
It's funny how the unit cleverly puts an entire chapter of English Grammar in a few page.
I had a good time revising my grammar tip.
It was after a long since I had paid any attention to conditionalsUnit 2 was about teaching and learning for young learner.
There are 4 learning and behavior theories:
1. Maturation theory: events will take place regardless of the circumstance.

2. Environmental theory: we are affected by our environment rather than \"pre-programmed\From this unit we understand that teaching is not done in any manne.
We have vital steps the that the teacher must follow so as to achieve his/her goa.
I think the engage, study and activate stages are very appropriate in teaching Englis.
It makes teaching organise.