English Grammar - Past Continuous - Teaching Ideas 3 -- online TEFL course


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For some reason I am having a hard time getting this information in my hea.
I went over the lesson a couple of time.
I understand the grammar of it, just not the terms to explain i.
I thought the lesson outlined it well and I think I may have a slightly better gras.
These videos were great for me to understand the difference between a good teacher attitudes,mimes and gestures - bad teacher attitudes, mimes and gestures that effect the lesson flow and students response very muc.
So thank you very much for this much effective clas.
I have learnt a lot about the usage of past tense in this uni.
Besides, the task sheet from this unit has made me realize I have to know how to explain the difference, in both structure and usage, between the tense.
The task sheet has certainly stimulated my thought.