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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

Let`s discuss our Unit 15. This unit is about Evaluation and testing. I should tell that this is one of the most important parts in teaching and learning process. How the teacher can rank and check student`s knowledge? As for this it is viatl for the teacher to evaluate students. In this unit all main types of the tests and exams are discussed. They are: placement tests, progress tests, diagnostic tests, practice tests (external tests). All these tests allow the teacher to understand what need to be improved, discussed, reviewed, etc. It also allows the teacher to know if the students are finding the class too difficult, or if he/she is focusing on one thing unnecessarily (grammar rather than speaking, etc). All of these tests also give direct insight into exactly what the students are interesting their week and strong. Let`s take closer look at all the exams. The first one we come across is tutorials, whereby the teacher reviews the lesson. I can tell during my wook in training center . This one is the widely used exam. As a rule parents of young learners would like to see achivments of their children. As arule they are quite short.Let`s take closer look at evaluation by the students – whereby a discussion is employed. This kind of test is very good for the students. Placement tests – a test that enables the teacher to place the student according to his/her ability. As for the progress test as a rule that`s what we usually think about test. It discovers what has been remembered and what has not. I can agree that diagnostic test is usually at the beginning of the course, they show what the students know/don’t know coming into the course. They can be confused with placement test, while diagnostic is more extensive. Recently external tests are becomimg more popular . As a rule they are widely recognized by universities and employers. External tests usually conducted outside of the language school. Practice test is for an external examination. They are: TOEFL – Used for admission to U.S. universities as a general external examination. IELTS – recognized internationally by universities, employers, immigration authorities, etc. TOEIC – Initially geared specifically toward Japan and Korea and now becoming popular in Europe. Measures ability in English with everyday work activities. And of course Cambridge tests should be mentioned. They are: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, BEC. All of these tests are for some specific goal. Apart from this Trinity College Exam for 16 years old and over , who moved to Britan and connect their lived with this country. This unit is great! Thank you ITTT!