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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

Unit 3 The unit is about the different teaching methodologies, o Grammar – Translation: learning through finding equivalent in native language o Audio –Lingualism : concentrate in long repetition o Presentation, practice and production :”teacher centered” , the teacher explain forms of language , then student make sentence in a controlled way (drilling ), then go for produce sentence on the extra language study o Task-based learning: focus on the completion of the task more than the language. o Communicative language teaching: stress the importance of language function & accuracy, if the student has enough exposure to language, real life practice, and roleplaying. o Community language learning :”student centered” students choose what the topics to talk about & then the teacher notice what is needed to be focused on o The silent way :the teacher speaks very little & student discover the language by themselves o Suggestopaedia :relaxed approach ,parent-children relationship, new names ,3 stages to present oral review then presentation, then reading within relaxing music o Lexical approach :based on words& phrases more than grammar Engage, Study, activate, ESA: o Elicitation: less teacher telling, more student discovery o Real objects, flashcards, drawing, ask for question, gap fill , follow on questions, concept description , mime, definitions, o The lesson must contain : o engage :warm up , encourage , motivate o Study: language exercises o Activate : using the language learnt free ,to reach fluency Ideas for engage stage; Introduction Prompt, partner information share ,fizz buzz, Alphabet relay, seven, I spy, memory games, word linking, alphabet introduction, I am going on holiday, slow Pictionary ,Anagrams, word linking(story) ,information search, Adaptation of scotteg, my marvelous machine ,the box game ,sentence prompt ,Adjectival introduction , consequences Ideas for study phase: Tongue twister, hangman, word searches, Gap fill Ideas for activate phase: Role-play, survey and mill drills, producing material, communication games, debate, discussion, story building Giving Feedback: Checking answers, encouragement, correcting, tests, and discussion. This depend on the type of activity Correction techniques Self-correction, student –student correction, Teacher-student correction