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This unit discusses the pronunciation and phonetics of the English language. This area of study is often overlooked as most teachers don't understand it themselves, and as there are many exceptions to pronouncing the English language, even amongst native English speakers. The inotation of the language is the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence. Whether the pitch rises or falls at the end of the sentence will indicate whether or not a person is expecting the listener to respond to them as well as whether or not they are finished speaking. The stress of a word comes when a particular syllable in a word is stressed, or if a particular word in a sentence is stressed, changing the meaning of the sentence based on context. Only syllables can be stressed, not vowels or consonants. Sound joining is important for teachers to be aware of because linking, sound dropping or changing and extra lettering can really affect the way a student hears the language. Various drills and activities should be constructed within a lesson to ensure the students can make the distinction between two words/phrases/or sentences that sound the same but have completely different meanings.