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Phonetics, also known as phonemics, is the study of special sound modules in languages. It can be compared to sounds, a study of human speech in general, including the expression and perception of sounds. Linguists use weighty phrase to describe physical locations pf phoneme’s production and each is connected to a different area such as: • Velar: when the tongue is raised and strikes the velum. • Palatal: when the central of your tongue comes in close contact with the central part of the roof of your mouth. • Palateal-aveolar: when the tongue is between the alveolar ridge. • Alveolar: when the front of the tongue is raised toward the alveolar ridge. • Dental: when the tongue is placed between the teeth. • Labio-dental: when you have the top teeth come in contact with the lower lips. • Bilabial: when putting lips together. • Glottal: the opening between the vocal cords. Pronunciation: There are many things that English teachers need to fit into their limited time - rules, Vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing. Pronunciation is often not an area the teacher focuses the most on. Many teachers say there is not enough time to teach pronunciation. However, if students need to speak English or want to, pronunciation is important. Students need to speak and understand English to connect with both English speakers and speakers in other languages. Even if the grammar and vocabulary of students are strong, it will not be easy to understand how to pronounce them therefore, communication will fail. We owe our students the tools they will need to communicate successfully in English.