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In the classroom, we may come upon many different situations that could become troublesome. Let us look at some various situations that may occur in the classroom and what techniques could be used to resolve them. In many classroom situations, the teacher may come into the position mid-way through a course or possible start as a new teacher for an existing group. Although there are problems that may arise due to this situation, the advantage to an existing group is that everyone in the class is familiar with each other. However, the teacher will have to take time to create a good rapport with the class. In this situation, the teacher should create some fun activities that will encourage the students to talk about themselves and to help the teacher see what their language needs are. Warmers, such as Pictionary or a memory game, will help break the initial ice. Nevertheless, it will not avoid all issues entirely. If the class is large, the teacher will want to create and make sure they have enough worksheets or plan enough activities, such as choral repetition drills, to keep the class lively and maintain the students’ attention. The one thing to note is that, if you have weaker and stronger students in the same class, the teacher may want to consider pairing them together accordingly to encourage learning and less boredom. However, there will always be the reluctant student, so try to encourage them to participate with these activities. The teacher may also find students with different English speaking levels reverting to their L1 language, because it is more comfortable to use. These students will need highly encouraged to practice and speak in the English language when possible. These situations are also possible in a listening situation. Lastly, if you come to find that students are struggling with listening material, the teacher will need to take the time to assess the situation. The teacher should take some time before the audio or listening sections of class to review the vocabulary and possible difficult areas of the material. If the vocabulary is reviewed and focused upon before the listening section of the class, the material will be much easier for the students. In addition, the teacher, should continue to promote and encourage more listening exercises, when possible, outside of the classroom. This will strengthen the students’ English skills and abilities. As the reader can see, many different types of classroom situations could occur in the classroom, which can become very troublesome to the instructor. If the teacher takes the time to encourage students and promote language speaking and listening skills, the teacher shall be successful. As well, the students shall be better at their English abilities and have many great achievements in future pursuits.