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This unit was focused on exploring the various teaching materials and equipment available ,their pros and cons and also ways a teacher should prepare/plan before use and thus achieve the best results. Below are some of the points mentioned in the chapter regarding the different materials and equipment; 1.The board This is significant in the classroom as it attracts and hold the attention of the student but it may be time consuming as the teacher has to use the class time to write on the board. Students may also be disruptive while the teacher is writing on the board. Its very important to a prepared board work plan beforehand. 2.Interactive white board Its highly important as a teacher to familiarize yourself with the various functions of the system and also have a prepared board work plan prior the lesson with a backup plan incase anything goes wrong. 3.Overheard projector These are very convenient in the sense that it increases the teachers talk time or time for other activities as the teacher prepares the material before hand therefore its a great alternative for the board. The only issue is that it requires a big enough classroom and also the sitting arrangement need to be organized in a way that allows effective projection . 4.Visual Aids The illustrate meaning more effectively ,students are able to memorize easily and it also stimulate discussion and elicit language. 5.Worksheets To act as a prompt,used for reading,communication activities and grammar exercises which the teacher can use to check the understanding of individual students. 6.Cassette recorder/Video camera To record student communication which they can later use to analyse themselves,to make dialogues and other communication activities. 7.Videos They help to stimulate discussions and moreover it can motivate students especially if its modern video showcasing things that are of interest to them.