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This is the unit of course book and lesson materials. I could go through what are authentic materials and created materials, how to refer a course book for children and how to choose a course book for
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This course is about evaluation and testing. To know about the language level of the students teachers can follow tutorials, evaluation by students and tests. So every teacher can discuss about the le
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This module covered the various testing methods used by various institutions and the reason and purpose behind each of these tests. Examples are given of the format of a placement tests to show both f
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Godoy Cruz
This unit is about equipments and teaching /white board,IWB,OHP,visual aids,worksheets,CD player,dictionaries and courses are the most popular teaching aid among teachers. When t
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This unit taught me the roles and responsibilities of a learner/student and a teacher in the classroom. I now know what makes a really good teacher and also the roles of a good teacher. I also learned
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This unit is about teaching special groups. Sometimes,teacher has to teach for beginners, individual learner,group classes,multilingual classes , young learners and business English learners. These ar
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This is the unit of trouble shooting.when a teacher teaching in their 1st lesson what can he/she do? First of all,the teacher must build up rappot between children and himself/herself and among childr
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To start the lesson, a teacher can build a good rapport with students simply by learning students' names and during the lesson, a teacher should speak slowly and clearly to get students' attention, al
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There are four basic skills in any language: receptive skills-reading and listening, and productive skills-speaking and writing. All are equally important. This unit focus on the receptive skills-read
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The productive skills are covered in this unit: speaking and writing. There are two typical activities in teaching speaking: accuracy activities which is controlled by teachers and fluency activities,
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Pronunciation is the probably the most neglected aspect of english language teaching and this unit covers this aspect. For phonology, definition, intonation and stress are covered. There are three mai
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ideally schools would provide all the books and materials that a teacher need, but in reality, often a teacher has to create his/her own materials to either supplement the course book or replace secti
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there are many ways to evaluate students' level and progress and tests are the most common and effective way. there are four different types of tests and they are suited to different stages for Englis
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two grammar points are covered in this unit: conditionals and reported speech. there are five main conditionals: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed co
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Santo Domingo de los Colorados
In this unit I discovered the different Methodologies a teacher should take note of and implement if teaching English, and also which Methodology is the best. I also learned the effective method that
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Four grammar points are examined in this unit: modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. For modal auxiliary verbs, there are some basic rules to follow, and since it'
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