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Planning a lesson gives teachers direction. Teachers know what they are going to do and are sure of themselves: the lesson is organized and students can see and feel that, which increases their confidence in the teacher and motivates them to participate. A lesson plan helps teachers define what they expect students to achieve by the end of the lesson and how they intend to accomplish this. I think this is crucial. And as teachers, before the lesson, think about how to engage students and how to present the material in the best and most effective way, they come up with teaching aids that will help them during the lesson. Regardless of students' cultural background, level or age, they like pictures and drawings and tapes or CDs, anything that is different from traditional teaching methods. Anticipating problems and thinking of the possible ways of solving them is also very, very important. I also find the self-evaluation form extremely useful and helpful. I am not sure how often teachers use it, but it can only make them better. Without this self-reflection, it is impossible to work on your skills. And it goes without saying that teachers need to be organised and punctual. They should be prepared before the lesson starts - they should never prepare the material when students start entering the classroom. The teacher is a model here as well. When a student sees an organized and punctual teacher, he or she starts to behave in the same way.