Why choose to take a TESOL Course?

The main reason why people take a TESOL course is because it is generally expected by employers when applying for most English teaching jobs. People from all over the world and from a wide variety of different life experiences choose to take a TESOL certification course. Some of the other major reasons for doing this are outlined below.

The lifestyle

Depending on whether you want to teach in a physical center or teach online there is a certain amount of flexibility to ESL teaching which can lead to a whole new lifestyle. Teaching in a mainstream school you may have 30-35 contact teaching hours per week, Monday to Friday, giving you the evenings and weekends free to do as you choose.

In a private language center, students come mainly from their jobs, so evening teaching is more common and you have your days/later evenings free to enjoy the lifestyle. Teaching online, you tend to work whatever contracted hours you want to, so even ensuring you work enough hours you will have plenty of free time to find out what your new location has to offer. You also have the additional benefit of not actually being tied to any specific location.

To earn a living

Whilst the salaries available worldwide for teaching ESL are not always high (there are exceptions) you will generally in whichever country you teach, earn above the national median wage, for a full months’ work.

This means that your salary will usually afford you a pretty decent lifestyle while still giving you the chance to save some money. Although teaching ESL is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, the ability to live and work in a new country in relative comfort is obviously very appealing.

Just for a change

The reasons for changing directions in life are many and varied. The typical onsite TESOL course has a very mixed group of trainees, varying in age from teenagers to retired people. Some are there to find out what TESOL is all about, others to completely break from the past lives and start afresh.

Whatever your reasons for taking a TESOL course you can be sure that you will be among an eclectic group of people, many with the same aspirations as you.

Social responsibility

Many people often wonder how they can make a difference to others in our unequal world. With a TESOL qualification you have a passport to visit almost any country in the world where English is being taught as a second or foreign language and actually contribute. TESOL teachers are in great demand worldwide, especially in countries which are struggling economically.

If you are mindful to give something of your knowledge to others then a teaching career is a great way to do that.

To learn a language

One of the major benefits of being in another country and teaching English is that you have access to full immersion into another language. If you want to learn that language then this presents the perfect environment to do so. If you want to learn Japanese, then teaching in a Japanese city will give you the chance to rapidly learn in a ‘total immersion setting’ during all your free time.

The culture

Another very important aspect of the previous point regarding language learning is that of culture. Again being immersed in the culture and possibly even living with a host family while teaching English presents the perfect opportunity to learn about and be a part of the culture.

To enhance your C.V or resume

Teaching ESL abroad contracts tend to be for a full school year. This one years’ teaching experience is an invaluable addition to your CV or resume regardless of whether you plan to teach in the future. Employers and admissions officers in colleges and universities are well aware of the level of commitment and courage it takes to leave your home country and teach abroad. They are also well aware of the transferable skills you will have gained living and working in a foreign country for a year (or more).

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