Which country is best for a TESOL course?

As online TESOL training has become so popular in recent years you will find some people suggesting that in-class courses are no longer relevant. The truth is somewhat different. Online courses offer a great deal of flexibility and convenience and are therefore here to stay. However, in-class TESOL courses provide a range of unique benefits that online options just can't match. On top of all the main benefits mentioned below, our in-class TESOL course can be taken in one of many fantastic locations around the world.

What are the main advantages of in-class TESOL courses?

Probably the biggest advantage that in-class TESOL courses have over online courses is the fact that they include several hours of Observed Teaching Practice (OTP). OTP involves planning and delivering your own lessons for real language learners in an authentic classroom environment. Every stage of the OTP process is supervised and guided by highly experienced teacher trainers, including the post-lesson debrief where they will highlight all the good and not so good elements and provide advice for future improvement.

The second major benefit of this form of training is that all the theory sections of the course are delivered in an educational environment by a professional tutor who has many years of experience in teaching and training. Our tutors are always on hand to give advice and to answer any questions you have regarding any part of the training process. Having other trainees around you can also be a real bonus as you get to swap ideas and theories with each other. The fact that you have a real life tutor and other class members on the same journey can be a real boost for many potential teachers.

Another advantage that the in-class course has is that it usually takes place in locations where there is a particularly strong demand for TESOL qualified teachers. Because of this, many trainees are able to secure that all important first teaching job in the immediate area of the training center. In fact, it is not uncommon to find a job before the course has even finished. Getting a first teaching job is made all that much easier thanks to the local knowledge and contacts of each of our training centers.

Where can I take an in-class TESOL course with ITTT?

Our in-class TESOL course is currently available in over 20 great locations across five different continents. Why not visit our in-class course page and choose which options you like the look of? Your choice might be down to locations where you know you want to work after the course, or it might simply be a destination that you have wanted to visit for many years. Whatever your reasons for choosing a specific training center, you are guaranteed to receive the same high quality training and support throughout your stay.


Asia is well known for having more TESOL related jobs than any other region, which is why we have plenty of training centers to choose from. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and we have two centers waiting for you: Bangkok and Phuket. Although the capital and the country’s leading beach resort are very different destinations, they both have a strong demand for TESOL certified teachers. Elsewhere, you can take your course in Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, South Korea, or Vietnam, all of which offer plenty of post-course job options.


ESL teaching jobs are not hard to come by across much of Europe. When you also consider the wide variety of cultures and the seemingly endless opportunities for travel and adventure, it is easy to see why it is such a popular destination for thousands of foreign teachers each year. Teachers have been coming to Italy for many years and we can offer two great locations for your training: Rome and Florence. You will also have the choice of two centers in Spain, as well as centers in France, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

Latin America

Latin America has a wide variety of countries and cultures to explore and there are plenty of jobs on offer in many areas once your training is done. We have centers in some of the most popular tourist hotspots in the region, as well as some that are a little more off the beaten path. Argentina and Costa Rica are home to two of the biggest markets for teachers in the region and we have training centers in both of them. Our other centers in Latin America can be found in Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru.

Other Options

If you want to complete your in-class training before you leave your home country or you have always wanted to visit one of the world’s most famous cities, then our center in New York City could be perfect for you. Last and by no means least is our North African center in the beautiful city of Alexandria, Egypt. Why not combine your TESOL certification course with a visit to one of the most exciting destinations in the world?

For more information on our in-class course and the destinations available visit our In-class TESOL course page.

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