Which countries accept TESOL?

A TESOL certification is typically one of the main requirements when it comes to applying for English language teaching jobs as it provides the teacher with all the basic skills and knowledge needed to plan and deliver quality lessons. Although the ESL world is largely unregulated, TESOL certification has become widely regarded by governments, schools, language centers, and individual employers as the standard qualification needed by educators in this specific part of the education industry. The best news is that TESOL is accepted by employers as a sign of competence in almost every country where ESL teaching takes place. Wherever you plan to live and work, it is almost certain that your TESOL certification will be accepted and welcomed by employers of all shapes and sizes.

Does it matter what type of TESOL certificate I get?

Although TESOL certification is widely accepted by employers across the world, it is generally not the case that any qualification will do. The first thing to consider is which course provider you take your course with, as not all are held in the same regard. It is important that you enroll in a course with a reputable provider whose certification is welcomed by employers. Companies such as ITTT have been providing high-quality certification for many years and our qualifications are well known within the ESL teaching community. Before choosing a TESOL course it is recommended that you do a bit of online research into the course provider to ensure the resulting qualification will actually allow you to get the type of jobs that you really want in the areas where you want them.

The other important factor to consider is the length of study of the course. When it comes to TESOL certification, individual courses are typically rated by the average length of study and most will have that length in the title. Anything under 100 hours of study will generally be seen as an introductory course as they do not have the time to cover every important subject that employers want you to cover. Many providers, including ITTT, offer an introductory course for trainees who are looking for an insight into ESL teaching, looking to volunteer as a teacher, or are planning to work as a teaching assistant. However, if you want to apply for standard teaching jobs that pay a good salary, then you will need a certificate of at least 100 hours as this is the unofficial but widely accepted minimum required within the industry.

For more information on our standard course, visit our 120-hour course page.

What other requirements are there when applying for ESL teaching jobs?

While a TESOL certification of over 100 hours is usually required when applying for most ESL teaching jobs, there are also a few other requirements that you might need to take into consideration when choosing a suitable teaching destination, such as your nationality, age, educational background, and first language. In some countries, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, it is law that foreign teachers have to be native English speakers from certain English speaking countries. These are typically, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, the US, and South Africa.

Some countries and individual employers also require their teachers to have a full degree in any subject. While this usually has no real bearing on a person's ability to be a good English teacher, it is still set in law in some countries and is also a preference of other individual schools and language centers. Finally, age can sometimes be a factor as there is a mandatory retirement age that applies to all teachers in certain countries. This could be anywhere from 55 to 65. With all these potential requirements, it varies from one country to the next. To be sure you are eligible for teaching jobs in the countries that you have chosen as potential destinations, it is recommended that you research the specific requirements before booking a plane ticket.

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