Which are the best Spanish speaking countries for teaching English abroad?

One of the many benefits of teaching English abroad is the unique opportunity it provides for learning a second language of your own at the same time. If you want to improve your Spanish language skills or start them from scratch, there are several great destinations to choose from. Around half a billion people speak Spanish as their first language spread over twenty countries worldwide, and many of these have a decent market for foriegn ESL teachers.

What are the benefits of teaching English in Spain?

For many people who want to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture and language, the obvious choice might well be Spain itself. The country is well known for its historical sites, stunning beaches, and its relaxed attitude to life. Jobs are also easy to find in most major cities and popular tourist resorts, although the largest markets are in the major cities of Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville. The main hiring season for ESL schools runs from mid-September to the end of October. There is also a smaller window in January.

What are the benefits of teaching English in Mexico?

Mexico has the largest Spanish speaking population in the world and plenty of jobs for ESL teachers. The country?s close ties to the U.S.A. ensures there are many options in business related English lessons, particularly in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Puebla. The tourism industry is also a major source of jobs for foriegn teachers. Famous resorts such as Acapulco, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta are great places to find jobs although the competition can be very strong in the most sought after destinations.

What are the benefits of teaching English in Chile?

Chile has been one of the region?s most popular teaching destinations for many years thanks to its stable economy, decent salaries, and buoyant job market. Unlike some of its neighbors, Chile also makes it relatively straightforward for teachers to secure a legal work permit. The capital city of Santiago has the vast majority of the available jobs, although smaller cities such as Concepcion and Valparaiso are also worth a look. The common approach for finding a job in Chile is to fly in during the peak hiring season that runs through March and February and then again in July and August.

What are the benefits of teaching English in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is famous throughout the world for having some of the most beautiful natural scenery on Earth. Visitors are rewarded with miles of glorious beaches, lush green rainforests, and all manner of exotic wildlife. If you like the idea of living and working in a tropical paradise, this could be the country for you. Salaries are not particularly high, but you should be able to earn enough to enjoy all the wonders on offer. The best time to look for work in Costa Rica is during the peak hiring seasons in January and February and June and July.

What are the benefits of teaching English in Argentina?

Argentina is the second most popular tourist destination in Latin America after Mexico. It is also popular with ESL teachers who are attracted by its unique European influenced culture and history. Buenos Aires has by far the most job opportunities, although cities such as Cordoba, Rosario, and Mendoza also have a smaller number of options. Most employers in Argentina prefer to interview potential teachers in person so it is a good idea to be in the country at the height of the recruiting season in February and March or July and August.

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