Where to take a TESOL course?

If you choose to attend an in-class TESOL course, the first decision to make is which location would suit you best. In order to offer the widest choice possible, we have training centers in a range of great locations.

Where to take a TESOL course in the Americas?

We have many options for completing a TESOL certification course in North America. As well as several training centers in the USA, we have locations in Canada and Mexico. Central and South America are also very popular destinations for our trainees and we have some great locations to choose from in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru.

Where to take a TESOL course in Asia?

Asia is the largest and most popular market for ESL teachers which is why we have several course locations to choose from across the region. If you want to find a job in China which has the highest demand for teachers in the world, we have four training centers available. Elsewhere, you can take your in-class course in various countries including Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Nepal.

Where to take a TESOL course in Europe?

Many people dream of teaching English in Europe which is why we offer a range of locations across the continent. In Western Europe you can choose from great locations in France, Ireland, Spain, or the UK, while further south or east we have training centers in the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece and Italy.

Where else to take a TESOL course?

We also have a few exciting locations outside of the above regions. In Egypt we have two centers in Alexandria and Cairo, while Cape Town in South Africa is also available. Finally, we offer the in-class course in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia.

Things to consider when choosing a TESOL course location?

If you have decided on a location for teaching ESL, it is obviously a good idea to take a TESOL course in the same region. During your time at the training center you are likely to make contacts in the local area that could well lead to employment after the course. Each training center also has extensive knowledge of the local teaching scene and are more than happy to help you find job leads and to prepare for interviews. Unfortunately we are not able to offer our TESOL course in every city or country worldwide, but it is highly likely that we have one somewhere in the region where you want to be. Whichever course location you choose, you can be assured that you will receive the same high standard of training, as well as all the benefits of our extensive job support program.

Financial points to consider when choosing a TESOL course location?

When choosing a course location you should also be aware of the overall cost of the training. Some locations are clearly more expensive than others when it comes to putting on the course so the initial fee will vary from one location to the next. Major world cities such as New York, Paris and Tokyo inevitably incur higher fees than smaller cities in less developed countries such as Chiapas in Mexico or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. On top of the course fee, you also need to consider the cost of accommodation, food and transport etc. While we do all we can to find the best value accommodation in all our locations, it is an unavoidable fact that a one month stay in Sydney, Australia is going to cost more overall than the equivalent time spent in Chiang Mai, Thailand. For a full run-down of all our in-class TESOL course options, take a look at our in-class course locations page.

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