Where to study TESOL in the Philippines?

It is probably a little known fact among many native English speakers that the Philippines has two official languages and one of them is English. English is taught in mainstream schools throughout the country and is widely used in government, the media, business, and education. As English is spoken by so many Filipinos across the country, it is no surprise to find that Filipino teachers currently occupy a large number of the ESL teaching jobs available in the Philippines and several other countries throughout Asia. Despite this, many ESL teachers from elsewhere also end up teaching English in the Philippines as it is a popular destination with plenty to offer its visitors.

Where is the best place to study TESOL in the Philippines?

As the capital city, Manila is home to many language centers offering TESOL courses to local English speakers and those from overseas. There are many advantages to taking a course here as it is a bustling, lively city that has great facilities and plenty to see and do in your spare time. There are also countless potential employers across the city once you have completed the course. On the downside, Manila is a huge place that is heavily populated and as such it is not to everyone's taste. Of course, there is more to the Philippines than its capital city. There are 146 other cities to choose from, as well as countless other smaller towns and beach resorts where teaching is a real possibility.

Does ITTT have a TESOL center in the Philippines?

ITTT has run a TESOL certification course in the city of Cebu for several years, however, that came to an end due to the pandemic and has yet to restart. Until our course is back up and running, we have several other good alternatives for people who want to gain their TESOL qualification in Asia. We currently have regular courses running in Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Many trainees choose one of these options and then find work locally or head off to nearby countries such as the Philippines where jobs are widespread.

For more information on all our in-class TESOL course centers, take a look at our in-class TESOL course page.

Online TESOL certification

While in-class TESOL courses are still popular with many trainees as they offer a real hands-on approach to both the theory and practical sides of teaching, online TESOL courses continue to grow in popularity every year. If you are on a tight budget or have other commitments such as work or family that demand plenty of your time, an online course can be the best option as you get to decide when and how much to study on any given day and the cost is also significantly less. As the demand for English continues to grow in many Asian countries, more and more employers are now happy to accept teachers with an online qualification rather than an in-class qualification.

For more information on all our online TESOL course options, take a look at our online TESOL course page.

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