Where is TESOL accepted?

If you find that your everyday 9 to 5 grind is dragging you down and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, one popular option is to get TESOL qualified and start teaching English overseas. This unbelievable adventure is open to anyone who has a good understanding of English, whether they are a native or non-native speaker. Simply complete a high quality TESOL certification course with ITTT and you will have everything you need to get the ball rolling. The only question is where do you want to live and work as an ESL teacher?

Where is TESOL accepted?

One of the biggest benefits of completing a TESOL certification course is that your qualification will be accepted by schools, colleges, universities, language centers, and a range of other employers in almost every country on the planet. No matter where you dream of living and working, if there are English teaching jobs available, your TESOL certificate will be enough to get your application through the door and onto the employers desk.

Where are the most popular TESOL destinations?

Although your TESOL certificate will be internationally recognised and welcomed by employers right across the world, there are certain countries and regions where the demand is particularly high. There are also individual countries that attract a large number of teachers due to specific reasons such as higher than average salaries or a famous local culture. The bottom line is, if there is a particular country that attracts you for whatever reason, your TESOL qualification will be accepted in that country.


Many of the top destinations for teaching English overseas are located in Asia as the demand for teachers is very strong in many countries. China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are all extremely popular destinations with TESOL course graduates as jobs are widespread and the salaries on offer are among the best you will find anywhere in the world.

Middle East

The Middle East region is also very popular thanks to the large incomes on offer and the generous benefit packages that often accompany them. Several countries have the added bonus of being tax free which means you get to keep every cent you earn, so saving a good proportion of your earnings is a real possibility. The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait are all popular locations in this region.

Latin America

Although you won't find so much in the way of large salaries or benefit packages in Latin America, it is still a very popular option as it has many other things to offer. Across this region you will find many different countries and cultures that are just waiting to be discovered. Adventure awaits around every corner and the natural beauty of many areas is second to none. While you are unlikely to get rich by teaching English in Latin America, you are sure to have the trip of a lifetime. In fact, many teachers love it so much they never end up leaving. Popular destinations include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico.


The other main region for teaching English abroad is Europe. Jobs are widely available in many countries such as France, Italy, and Spain, although the competition is very strong in the most popular towns and cities. Because so many people love to visit Europe and want to spend an extended time in the region, all the best jobs attract a large number of applicants. When you also consider the high cost of living in these countries, it is no surprise to learn that more and more TESOL qualified teachers who want to spend time in Europe do so in a lesser known country. Countries with plenty of jobs, a lower cost of living, and less competition, include the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia,

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