Where do schools provide free airfare for English teachers abroad?

Across the world over 250,000 teachers work in the ESL field each year, although their income and other benefits will vary enormously. In some countries it is common practice for employers to pay for their new teacher?s flights up front or to reimburse them once they start the job. Some schools will expect you to complete a short probationary period before paying up, but this is not usually the norm. In most cases, you will also receive a flight home once you complete the agreed contract length.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in China?

China is the undoubted leader in the ESL teaching market in terms of job numbers. There are an estimated 50,000 foreign English teachers employed in the country at any one time and a large proportion of these will receive some extra benefits in their contract. It is common for employers to provide paid airfares and accommodation or at least some amount of compensation to help towards the cost.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in South Korea?

South Korea is probably the second largest employer of foreign teachers with around 25,000 people working their each year. Most of these will be hired from within their home country and their airfares are typically paid in full. When you also consider that accommodation and a very good salary are also part of the contract, it is easy to see why South Korea is such a popular teaching destination, particularly with North American teachers.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in the Middle East?

As the Middle East region is well known for offering high salaries and generous benefits, it is always a very popular destination for foreign ESL teachers. Free return airfares are included in the majority of contracts in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Do English teachers receive free airfares elsewhere in Asia?

Asia is home to more ESL teaching jobs than any other region on Earth. Apart from the countries already mentioned above, there are a few others where paid airfares are not necessarily the norm but they are sometimes covered by the employer. These include Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in Europe?

As Europe is such a popular destination for foreign ESL teachers and employers have little problem filling their vacant positions, it is not common for contracts to include any help with airfares from your home country. The only real exceptions to this are Russia and Turkey where you might receive some assistance with transport costs from some schools.

Do English teachers receive free airfares in Latin America & Africa?

As most schools in these regions run on a very tight budget, it is rare to find any that are willing to offer assistance with airfares.

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