Where do schools interview and hire English teachers in advance?

Although a large percentage of ESL jobs are filled following face-to-face interviews, there are many countries where it is common practice for schools to recruit teachers from within their home country. This scenario can be a very convenient option for teachers without any previous experience and anyone who is new to international travel. All contact is usually done via email, with the actual interview taking place via phone or webcam.

What are the benefits of getting a TESOL job in advance?

One big benefit of getting a job in advance is it usually means the employer will take care of the paperwork such as visas and work permits. In many cases they will also provide free or subsidized airfares, health insurance and accommodation. The one main downside of this recruitment method is the time it can take to complete the whole process. You should expect it to take anywhere from three to six months from start to finish.

Which countries in Asia hire English teachers in advance?

There are several countries in Asia where advance recruitment is a popular method. China hires more foreign ESL teachers than any other country in the world and many are recruited before they leave home. Most of these positions will include free airfares and accommodation. The benefit situation is similar in South Korea which also recruits a large number of teachers from within their home countries every year. Two other teaching hotspots where advanced hiring is common are Japan and Taiwan, although the extra benefits may vary from one employer to the next. Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong also hire in advance but the numbers are relatively small compared to those already mentioned. Employers in Thailand and Vietnam typically prefer to interview their teachers in person, although meetings can often be scheduled in advance via phone and email.

Which countries in the Middle East hire English teachers in advance?

The Middle East region is famous for offering ESL teachers high salaries and very generous benefits in their contracts and the majority are hired in advance. However, as the rewards are high, so is the competition for each available position. Typically, only teachers with previous experience and advanced qualifications are eligible for the best jobs. Saudi Arabia has the largest number of teaching jobs and these generally come with tax-free salaries, paid airfares, health insurance and free housing. The United Arab Emirates is also a popular destination where the salaries and benefits are of a similar high level. Countries with smaller job markets that are also worth considering include Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

Which countries in Europe hire English teachers in advance?

Hiring in advance is not widespread across Europe which means that being in your country of choice with your TEFL certificate and resume in hand is the most common approach to recruitment. Two exceptions to this are Russia and Turkey where advanced hiring is quite common. In France and Spain you will find popular government-run recruitment programs that aim to place teachers in state schools. The application process for these schemes is done online starting in March, with the actual placements beginning in September. As demand for teachers is high in many other European countries, it is often possible to arrange job interviews in advance, before you get on the plane.

Which countries in Latin America hire English teachers in advance?

As in Europe, ESL jobs are mostly filled via in-person interviews in Latin America, although there are a few exceptions. Chile is one of the region?s largest employers of foriegn teachers and some of these jobs are advertised internationally. There is also a government-run recruitment program that places volunteers in public schools. Mexico and Brazil also have a large demand for teachers and some jobs can be secured from outside these countries.

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