What's included in the TESOL course cost?

When looking for TESOL certification courses you will find many different options, so it is not easy to answer this very common question. However, at ITTT we prefer to make it very clear to our trainees right from the start what is actually included in the advertised course fee. The simple answer is that the course price you see on our website will include everything required to successfully complete your teacher training, there are no hidden fees. All your written and visual materials are included, as are exam fees and the cost of certification.

What is included in an online TESOL course?

Our online TESOL courses offer the very best in value and convenience, and they include everything you need to be successful. Once we have received your course payment we will send you a unique login number which you can use to sign in to your very own section of our online training system. Through the online portal you can access all the materials that come with that specific course. The course materials can be viewed online or you can download them to your device which allows you to access them whenever and wherever you like. This offline access means you can fit in a bit of study at any time. Why not make use of your lunch break or that boring bus ride to work?

During the course you will be assessed regularly to ensure you are on track. These online assessments can be accessed via the online training system and are all included in the original course fee. Upon successful completion of all the course units and assessments you will receive a hard copy of your TESOL certificate via registered post. Once again, this is all included in the original course price and the certificate can be sent to any address of your choosing. We also email you a PDF copy of your certificate so you have proof of certification while you wait for the original copy to arrive in the post.

What is included in an in-class TESOL course?

If you choose to take an in-class course you can also rest assured that all the materials you need will be included in the advertised course price. The course fee also includes multiple input sessions on teaching theory presented by one of our professional trainers, and several hours of observed teaching practice which both make this type of course extremely popular. Your TESOL certificate is included in the fee and it can be sent to your home address or to any other you prefer. The only thing not covered by the in-class TESOL course fee is accommodation.

Unless you are lucky enough to live close to one of our international training centers you will need to arrange somewhere to stay during the course. Once you have chosen your preferred location we will be able to make a few good suggestions for accommodation as we work closely with a variety of different establishments in every location. Whether you prefer a hotel, guest house, hostel, or home stay, we usually have very competitive room rates due to the number of trainees we provide in the local area.

Are there any extra fees I might need to pay?

Although we include all the essential items into our course fees, there is one exception that affects only a very small number of trainees. There will be a small extra charge if you request to have your TESOL certificate sent to you via an express delivery service. Normal registered delivery is included in every course fee, but if you are in a real hurry and need your certificate ASAP, we can arrange shipment via DHL. As registered delivery can take a few weeks, depending on your location, some trainees choose this faster option. Most of our graduates are happy to wait for the normal postal service, which means that the course price you see advertised on our website is the price you will pay.

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