What jobs can you get with a TESOL certificate?

Once you have completed your TESOL certification you will be ready to start applying for jobs all over the world, or just those close to home. However, while most course graduates end up in mainstream classroom teaching jobs, many others find themselves in less common positions. Below we look at some of the more common options beyond standard classroom teaching.

Director of Studies (ESL)

Once you have gained some experience you may consider moving to a managerial role. Examples would be Head of English or Director of Studies. Your teaching time would often be minimal in these roles as you will be overseeing the whole department.

English Language Teacher Trainer

If your TESOL course involved a tutor then you may have been able to ask them about their experience. Typically an online TESOL trainer will, depending upon the company they are working for, have had over three years general teaching experience. The requirements for online tutors usually are a little lower than for an onsite trainer where you might require at least five years teaching experience.

ELT Administration

The role of administrators within education has grown year upon year for at least a decade. If you have had some training in this area, your TESOL certification will be an added benefit when applying for ESL administration roles. As an administrator you are unlikely to have any teaching commitment so this is a good move for anyone looking to change their role.

Curriculum or Course Designer

One of the many benefits of studying for a TESOL certificate is the range of transferable skills you will cover during the course. These include materials design and syllabus design. Within the very broad range of ESL teaching there are specific niches for which you could find opportunities, such as developing materials or syllabi for teaching English online, teaching business English or teaching young learners.

International Law

If you are lucky enough to speak two or more languages (including English) fluently then working in a non-English speaking country will provide many opportunities. The expansion of international law globally has overtaken the number of bi-lingual staff needed to work within it. There are a whole range of law services available and you would not need to be a law expert to find work in these areas.

International Business

As mentioned above, globalization has resulted in bi-lingual staff members being a valuable resource and if you are already in-country you will have an advantage as employment opportunities arise. If you have been immersed in the culture for some time, you will already know some of the nuances of business practices in that country.

Other Teaching Jobs

There are hundreds of thousands of teaching jobs available worldwide at any one time and these are mainly available in government schools and private language centers. For most TESOL graduates these jobs will be the first ones they look for. However, there are a number of alternatives to this traditional route.

Volunteer English Language Teaching

A great way to gain experience without having to sign up for a long-term contract with a school is by volunteering. There are programs available all over the world, particularly in areas where government funding for English language schools is low. Some volunteering jobs are available which pay a stipend and offer food and accommodation (basically a living wage).

Teaching English in your Own Country

If you are for any reason unwilling or unable to leave your own country then you will still be able to find English teaching positions, particularly if you come from an English speaking country. Due to the large amounts of immigration taking place in most English speaking countries there will be plenty of opportunities to teach English to immigrants who arrive with little or no English skill.

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