Should I take a TESOL course online or in a classroom?

When it comes to choosing a TESOL course the first decision is whether to take an online training course or an in-class training course. Either option will have its pros and cons so it really comes down to the specific needs of each individual trainee.

What are the differences between an online TESOL course and an in-class TESOL course?

The biggest difference between the two options is the inclusion of Observed Teaching Practice (OTP) in classroom based courses. During your training you will get many opportunities to practice your teaching skills in a real classroom with genuine English language learners. Each practice lesson is observed by one of the center?s teacher trainers who will provide extensive feedback and advice on how to improve all aspects of your performance. OTP is an extremely beneficial aspect of the course as it allows you to build your teaching skills and gain confidence before you start teaching in your own classroom. In-class TESOL courses also include dozens of input sessions led by experienced teachers on many important areas of teaching such as English grammar. This style of learning is popular with many students as the subject matter is explained in person by a professional trainer rather than by solo study. Learning in a group environment also has its advantages in that multiple sources of input can often lead to a better understanding of the source material. The in-class course also includes a social aspect that is not possible with an online TESOL training course.

What are the advantages of an online TESOL course?

One big attraction of an online TESOL course is that you get to choose where and when you do your studying. For those who are unable to commit four weeks to an in-class course, being able to study at their own pace from home or the office is a real advantage. The other main difference between the two types of courses is the cost. There is no getting away from the fact that an online course is considerably cheaper than attending a training center for an in-class option.

What is a combined TESOL course?

Another option to consider is a combined TESOL course that is essentially a mix of online and in-class study. If you choose this option you will study the theory of teaching online at whatever pace you choose and then attend a training center to complete the observed teaching practice sessions. This is a popular choice with many people as it requires less time commitment than a full in-class course but still results in the same TESOL certification.

Are online and in-class TESOL courses both viable options?

There are several differences between these two course options, but the practical teaching that forms part of the in-class course clearly offers a great platform for starting a teaching career. However, if the expense or the necessary time commitments are a problem for you, then an online TESOL course with a well established provider is a viable alternative.

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