Is TESOL worth it?

There are a few reasons why we think taking a TESOL course is more than worth it. Firstly, many employers all over the world now require their job applicants to be TESOL certified in order to qualify for their vacant positions, as they rightly believe that some form of training is required in order to give the students the best chance of reaching their goals. It is also increasingly common for whole countries to require potential teachers to hold a TESOL qualification to be eligible for an official work visa. Without a recognized qualification in these countries you will have no chance of securing a job legally.

The other main reason why we recommend all teachers get TESOL certified is so they learn all the essential skills and knowledge needed to plan and deliver quality lessons that your students will find stimulating. In the past it might have been possible for native English speakers to secure good teaching jobs simply because of their language skills, however, those days have all but disappeared. At ITTT, we offer various types of TESOL courses that can fit any lifestyle and study schedule. For those who want to mix travel with study, we have a number of in-class training centers located across the world. For anyone who prefers to study at home or is looking to teach online or in their home country, we also offer a range of online courses that result in accredited TESOL certification.

In-class TESOL courses

If you like the idea of gaining your TESOL qualification via face-to-face instruction from professional teacher trainers, we offer a variety of great training locations in countries all over the world. These courses take approximately four weeks to complete and are much more intensive than an online course. One of the main benefits of this type of study is that you get to practice your teaching skills in a real English language classroom with real language learners. The course also includes extensive lessons on the theory of ESL teaching, led by trainers with many years of experience in international English language teaching. However, it is not all study as there will still be plenty of time to explore the local area and enjoy all the culture it has to offer.

For more information about our in-class course options, check out our in-class TESOL course page.

Online TESOL courses

If you do not have the time or the funds to complete an in-class course, no problem, our online TESOL courses offer great value for money and can be completed at whatever pace suits your existing commitments. During the course you will complete your studies via your own private digital platform, where you can access all the written materials, high-quality videos, and individual assessments that are required.

At the end of the course, all our online TESOL graduates are awarded an embossed certificate that includes a unique number that future employers can use to check its authenticity. As well as the quality certificate, you will receive access to our extensive digital resource library and lifetime job search assistance. We also have a huge online teaching community which you can access via our Facebook group for networking and experience exchange.

For more information on our online course options, visit our online TESOL course page.

Specialized TESOL courses

Our specialized TESOL courses provide additional training for anyone who wants to work within specific areas of the English teaching world. Each of these can be taken once you have gained all the basic teaching knowledge via an initial in-class or online TESOL course. Do you want to work mainly with young children? Then, opt for a course bundle that has a certificate in teaching young learners included. Do you want to teach business English? Choose an option with a certificate in teaching business English.

For more information on our specialized TESOL course options, visit our specialized TESOL course page.

Tutor support

Don’t worry if you feel like you need guidance on your journey towards TESOL qualification, as all our online TESOL courses come with the option of an online tutor. If you choose the tutored version of any online course you will get ongoing assistance from an experienced teacher trainer who will lead you step by step through the whole certification course.

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