Is TESOL a teaching certificate?

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. As well as the actual act of teaching English, the acronym TESOL is also used to refer to the courses that teachers take and the certification they receive upon completion of their training. In order to be eligible for most sought after teaching jobs, teachers with or without previous experience generally require a TESOL certificate. In this sense, a TESOL is most certainly a teaching certificate.

What type of TESOL courses are available?

There are generally three standard ways to obtain a TESOL certification: In-class courses, online courses, and combined (hybrid) courses. Any of these options will result in a TESOL qualification that is widely recognized by employers around the world, provided it is supplied by a reputable course provider such as ITTT.

In-class TESOL courses offer an intensive and comprehensive way to learn the skills needed by an ESL teacher. They are typically run over a four-week period at a professional language center under the supervision of one or more teacher trainers who have extensive classroom experience. As well as having all the theory explained face-to-face by experienced professionals, this method of study usually has the advantage of including a significant amount of real teaching practice with genuine language learners.

Online TESOL courses generally offer the same content as an in-class course, without the benefit of teaching practice or face-to-face instruction. The main benefit of this option is the course can be completed at whatever pace the trainees prefer, rather than on a fixed schedule. As the overheads are much less than an in-class course, online courses are also significantly cheaper. With this option you can complete your study from any location in the world, alongside any existing commitments such as work or family.

Combined or hybrid TESOL courses offer a solid mix of the previous two options. The theory sections of the course are completed online in the same way as a standard online course, with the trainee choosing their own pace of study. Attendance at an in-class training center is then required where teaching practice and other important study is completed. With this option you get the convenience of online study, as well as the added benefit of real teaching practice with a class of English language learners. The cost of this option is typically somewhere between the first two options.

What TESOL courses does ITTT offer?

At ITTT we have a range of TESOL course options to suit all preferences and budgets. Regardless of the course you choose you will receive the same high standard of materials and instruction. Our course materials have been developed by professional teachers who have many years of experience in classrooms all over the world and we continue to update them to reflect any changes in common teaching practice. We also only employ trainers who have high-end qualifications and extensive experience in a variety of different environments. Whichever course is right for you, you are guaranteed to receive the very best TESOL training experience available.

Our TESOL course options include:

In-class TESOL course

Our in-class TESOL course is available in dozens of great locations all over the world. Many of our trainees choose the location of their course based on where they would like to live and work once they are qualified. This is why many of our training centers are based in countries where the demand for TESOL qualified teachers is particularly high. You can choose from exciting and diverse options such as Argentina, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Italy, Japan, Spain, Thailand, and the US. Once qualified you will be perfectly placed to start work in the same area or anywhere else you prefer.

For more information check out our in-class TESOL course page.

Online TESOL course

At ITTT we have a range of online courses that are designed to suit the needs of all potential teachers. Our 120-hour TESOL certification course is our most popular option as it provides all you need to get your teaching career started in a reasonably short space of time and at a great price. We also have an advanced-level Diploma in TESOL that is designed to take your teaching knowledge to the next level.

If value for money is important to you and you want to hit the ground running, you should definitely take a look at our multi-course bundles. By completing extra certification courses you will greatly increase your options in the international job market and make your CV/resume far more attractive to potential employers. One of our most popular course packages is designed for trainees who are keen to take advantage of the boom in online English teaching. This option will set you up perfectly for jobs in this area of ESL.

For more information check out our online TESOL course page.

Combined TESOL course

Trainees who like the idea of studying independently in their own time from any location, but would also like the benefit of some invaluable teaching practice before starting work for real, should take a close look at our combined course option. The initial theory of teaching can be completed over a period of weeks or months from wherever you are in the world. You can then choose which of our training centers you would like to attend to complete your learning and undertake the teaching practice that is supervised by our team of highly experienced trainers.

For more information check out our combined TESOL course page.

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