How much does it cost to get TESOL certified online?

The simple convenience of online study means that more and more people are now choosing online TESOL courses compared to in-class TESOL courses. As online courses are flexible in terms of when and how much you choose to study, they can easily be fitted around other existing commitments such as work, study, or family. And of course, all the study can be done without having to leave the house. The financial benefits of online study are also a major factor in their popularity, as they are significantly cheaper than an in-class alternative. Essentially, online TESOL certificate courses offer an affordable way to gain the qualifications you need.

How much are standard online TESOL courses?

TESOL courses from different providers vary considerably in length, difficulty, and price, which makes this hard to answer. At the low end of the scale you will find courses of 50 hours or less that can cost just a few dollars, while more advanced courses can take hundreds of hours to complete and cost several hundred dollars. To make things easier, it is generally the case that TESOL courses of under 100 hours of study are typically designed for people who want to teach on a voluntary basis or teachers who plan to only work as and when they want. If your plan is to land a full-time, well-paid job, then you need to look for an in-depth course that will give you all the skills and knowledge you will need to confidently step into your first classroom as a teacher.

ITTT has a very popular 120-hour online TESOL certification course that covers everything required by a first-time teacher. Prices start at only $249 US.

How much are advanced-level online TESOL courses?

Completing an advanced-level online TESOL course will certainly expand your options on the job front and also give you a better chance of securing a higher salary. Courses in this category generally follow on from where a standard TESOL course finishes in order to further build your teaching skills and knowledge. Advanced courses are often based around individual research and tend to look at teaching topics in more depth than a standard course. This type of course is completed 100% online, which means your study hours can be spread over a longer period of time (often 12 months).

ITTT has a Diploma in TESOL course that looks great on your CV/resume and is welcomed by employers worldwide. The diploma course takes around 250-hours to complete and it can also be taken as part of our great value Expert Package.

How much are specialized online TESOL courses?

Another great option for expanding your TESOL qualifications is to take one or more specialized courses. These extra courses can have a big impact on your employability and provide additional skills and knowledge to help take your teaching career to the next level. Specialized TESOL courses focus on specific areas of teaching that require the teacher to have specialized knowledge relevant to the group. At ITTT we offer courses in the three main areas of specialization: Course in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL), Course in Teaching Business English (CTBE), and a Course in Teaching English Online (CTEO).

Our CTEYL, CTBE, and CTEO courses can be taken individually from as little as $149 US, or as part of a multi-course package (see below).

How much are multi-course online TESOL course packages?

If you like your money to work for you, taking a package of TESOL courses is definitely worth considering. With this option you get all the basic training covered, as well as some additional qualifications that will really add to your employment prospects. Employers in all sectors of the ESL industry love to see job applications that contain more than just the basic qualification as it shows you are committed to teaching and getting the best results for your future students. On top of these benefits, you also get to save a whole lot of cash at the same time.

ITTT has a 170-hour TESOL certification course with online specialization that gives the perfect start to anyone who wants to teach in a traditional classroom or via online platforms. This option is currently priced at $289 US. We also offer two other great value packages: the 220-hour Master Package, and the 550-hour Expert Package. Prices for these bundles range from $349 to $999 US. If you choose the Expert option all your courses will also include online tutor support.

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