How much do online English teachers make?

How much you can make as an online English teacher is dependent on several factors, such as your level of teaching qualifications, your previous teaching experience, and the individual platform that you work for. Although some online ESL teachers work on a freelance basis, most work through some type of agency and these typically pay an hourly rate of anything between $15 and $30 on average. It is worth remembering that many of these agencies will take a cut of your income in return for providing you with students and teaching materials.

Can you teach English online full-time?

How much you actually work when teaching English online is generally up to you. Most employers are happy for you to decide your number of working hours and even the times you are online. Because of this flexibility, most online ESL teachers can choose to work on a part-time basis, or in a full-time capacity.

The salary you can expect to receive as an online English teacher will be dependent on several factors, including:

  • The company you work with.
  • The number of hours you work.
  • Your qualifications and experience.
  • Your base pay and bonuses.

As mentioned, many online English teaching companies pay a flat hourly rate, whereas others allow the teacher to decide on their own rate.

Can you make good money teaching English online?

Although the potential hourly income can range anywhere from $10 and $40 US per hour, depending on the factors already mentioned above, first-time English teachers who have completed a TESOL certification will most likely start initially in the $10-$20 per hour bracket.

When looking at job options for teaching English online you will find there are three common ways to make a living: Working for an online ESL company. Offering your services on an open marketplace. By starting your own online ESL business.

How much can I earn working for an online ESL company?

The most common and straightforward option for teaching English online is through an online ESL platform. This is a very convenient method as the company will usually supply you with all the lesson plans and teaching materials you need which removes a great deal of time and effort from your schedule. This type of company will also have a large network of students which means you should always have work available whenever you want it.

On the downside, you will be given a fixed hourly rate to charge your students based on your experience and qualifications, rather than the chance to decide your own hourly rate. However, many companies also include some form of incentive based program to encourage you to be productive. For example, you might get an extra $1 an hour if you teach over a certain number of classes per month.

How much can I earn teaching on an open marketplace?

An open marketplace is a type of teaching platform where English language students can connect with ESL teachers who have set up a profile that advertises their skills. When setting up a profile a teacher should emphasize their TESOL qualifications, teaching experience, and any other relevant training or certifications they have completed.

You will also need to produce a professional-looking video where you introduce yourself to potential students and their parents (if you are targeting young learners). Through the video you should highlight your accent, teaching abilities, and exactly why you believe you are the best teacher for the job. The video provides a great way to attract your first students, gain some good feedback, and begin building a client base to take your career forward.

One big difference between an open marketplace and a standard online teaching platform is you get to decide exactly how much to charge your clients. However, it is best to start out with a relatively low rate in order to attract plenty of students. Once you have built a solid reputation with good reviews and positive feedback, you can consider a small increase in rate. If you set a high rate from the start and have no reviews to back it up, you are unlikely to attract a great deal of interest.

How do I start my own online ESL business?

Although this is typically the toughest route to go for, it is a popular choice with teachers who are highly motivated to succeed and are willing to put in some hard work. From day one you will be responsible for finding your own students and all of the lesson planning and administration that is required. Initially you will need to set up your own website, create a working platform, and decide on what age and type of students to target. However, once you have got everything up and running you will be the sole beneficiary of all the hard work you put in, rather than having to pay a cut to an existing teaching company.

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