How much can I earn teaching English in Singapore?

Singapore is a very attractive destination for teaching English as it is both modern and safe, as well as exotic and exciting. Although this island city-state is one of the smallest countries in Asia, it still has plenty to offer including a year-round warm climate, high quality cuisine, world-class shopping, and a culture that is inspired by countless countries around the world. Singapore?s rapid development has been nothing short of miraculous and it is now one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

What are TESOL salaries in Singapore?

Compared to most of its regional neighbors, salaries for ESL teachers in Singapore are very high at around $2,700 to $3,500 per month, depending on previous experience and teaching qualifications. A standard week in most jobs would involve around 20 to 25 teaching hours, with additional time put aside for lesson planning and admin work. The majority of employers will expect you to have a university degree and a TESOL qualification. Previous classroom experience is not essential, but it will be a great help when applying for jobs at the higher end of the pay scale.

Who are the main employers of English language teachers in Singapore?

English is an official language in Singapore and it is widely used in government, big business and as the main language of tuition in mainstream schools. Despite this, demand for ESL teachers is still high because of the large number of non-English speaking foreign workers that have come to the country from all over the world. Foreign native English speakers are also commonly employed to expose students to new methods and perspectives in the classroom. International schools typically pay the highest salaries, but these jobs often require a university degree in English Language or Literature and a post-graduate diploma in education. Another area that pays good salaries is the public school sector. However, as these positions include high salaries, return flights and a housing allowance, competition is always very strong for each opening. For the best chance of securing a position you should contact the Ministry of Education directly and also speak to as many individual schools as you can.

In terms of job numbers, private language schools offer the best option for many teachers. These jobs also have less stringent requirements than previous options. Positions with these employers don?t usually include extras such as flights or housing and the pay is less than you get from public or international schools. However, they offer a good opportunity to gain classroom experience that will set you up for higher level jobs later down the line. You can also easily supplement your main income by providing private lessons to individual students outside of school hours.

What is the recruitment process for English teachers in Singapore?

Due to high demand, jobs can be found in Singapore year-round. As some employers prefer to hire their teachers in advance, you should keep an eye on job boards and online teaching forums for available positions. In this situation, it is normal for interviews to be completed via phone or webcam. If you are already in the country you will have even more opportunities as many language centers prefer to interview face-to-face so they only tend to advertise locally. Whatever employer you apply to, you will find that most will only consider native English speakers with a TESOL certification and a bachelor?s degree. In many cases, schools will also expect you to sign a two-year contract

What is the cost of living for English teachers in Singapore?

Despite the fact that salaries in Singapore are higher than most other countries in the region, the high cost of living can make it hard for teachers at the lower end of the pay scale. Housing is one area that is very expensive, so if you can find a job that includes free housing or a housing allowance you will be in a much stronger financial position. As Singapore is a modern, cosmopolitan city it is easy to blow your salary every month. However, if you are careful and follow a few simple rules you may be able to save $500 a month or more. Local street food is of a very high standard and significantly cheaper than restaurants aimed at tourists. Public transport is also very affordable and efficient, ruling out the need for your own vehicle. Overall, the average cost of living for an ESL teacher in Singapore is around $2100 to $2500 per month.

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