How many modules in a TESOL course?

All TESOL courses provided by ITTT, and most other course providers, are separated into individual sections or modules in order to make the content easier to digest and to retain after the course is complete. Each course contains multiple modules covering all the most important areas of English language teaching, including various grammar points, a range of classroom skills, and lesson planning strategies, to name just a few. This course design should allow you to work through the materials smoothly and ensure that most of the information covered is still fresh in your mind when you start your first day in your first ESL teaching job. However, as most TESOL course providers, including ITTT, offer many different course options to suit various personal goals and scenarios, there is no set number of modules in every individual TESOL course. At ITTT we currently offer courses that range from short-format specialized courses, all the way up to an advanced-level Diploma in TESOL.

120-hour TESOL Certification Course

This is one of our most popular training courses and it is completed entirely online at whatever pace suits your individual circumstances. If you choose the 120-hour TESOL course you will receive 20 modules of course materials that cover all the basic knowledge and skills new teachers need to know before they set foot in a real ESL classroom. First you study the materials supplied for unit 1, and once you are ready, you then complete a short multiple choice test to make sure you have fully absorbed all the information provided. Once you have completed the test for that unit, you can then start on the materials for the following section.

Specialized TESOL Courses

At ITTT we offer a range of specialized TESOL courses that are aimed at anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge of specific areas of English language teaching. These additional qualifications will continue your teaching education by building on the existing knowledge learned during your initial TESOL training course. If you are interested in teaching business related English, English to young learners, or English online, one or more of our specialized courses might be perfect for you. Each specialized course is made up of 10 individual modules covering all the vital areas of each specific type of teaching. As with the 120-hour course, each section concludes with a short test to ensure you are ready to move onto the following module.

250-hour Diploma in TESOL

This advanced-level course is a popular choice to follow on from the initial 120-hour TESOL course with trainees who are keen to take their teaching knowledge to a much higher level. With a TESOL Diploma on your CV/resume you will show potential employers that you are a serious teaching professional who wants to keep expanding their skills to ensure their future students have the very best chance of reaching their highest potential. The diploma course is divided into 11 individual modules that cover a wide range of different subjects. Once all 11 modules are complete, you will also need to submit a final summative task or thesis, from a range of topics provided. Although individual study speeds do vary, on average each module generally takes around 21 hours to complete, while the final thesis requires a further 20 hours.

TESOL course Bundles

If you are interested in reaching a high standard of knowledge and you like to get great value for money, then one of our TESOL course bundles might be a good choice for you. We have put together several different course packages that include some or all of the courses mentioned above, and also a few others in some cases. Each one of our value bundles will provide a great start to your teaching career and give you the confidence you need to step into your own classroom for the very first time.

Our 170-hour TESOL course with online specialization starts with the standard 120-hour TESOL certification course and concludes with the 50-hour course in teaching English online. We also have a 220-hour Master Package and a 550-hour Expert Package, both of which contain multiple courses that will ensure you have all the knowledge and skills that international employers are looking for in new ESL teaching recruits. Whatever your plans for the future, you can rely on ITTT to offer all the best solutions to make it happen.

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